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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

7 Quick Tips To Keep Food Super Fresh At Summer Picnic

As the Summers approach and days get longer, so does the frequency of outdoor gatherings and picnics. What better way to celebrate a beautiful summer day than with a picnic outside at the park, at the beach or even in your own backyard. While the warmer weather is a perfect reason to dine outside, it also creates the ideal environment for harmful food bacteria to grow that spoil the food and causes food poisoning. Keep your picnic safe by following these simple tips.

1. Tip: 1 - Plan Ahead

Tip: 1 - Plan Ahead
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Plan ahead so you don’t forget essential items such as a food thermometer, cooler chest with ice, plenty of clean disposable utensils, storage containers for leftovers, paper towels, hand sanitizer and trash bags. Find out ahead of time if you’ll have running water, grills, picnic tables, and trash receptacles at the site.

2. Tip: 2 - Wash Hands Often

Tip: 2 - Wash Hands Often
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Wash Hands Often: Bring moist towelettes or soap and water to clean your hands and surfaces often. Hand sanitizer is also a good option.

3. Tip: 3 - Segregate the Foods

Tip: 3 - Segregate the Foods
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Keep Raw Meats, Poultry, Seafood and Eggs and Ready-to-Eat Foods Separate: Bring extra plates — one for handling raw foods and another for cooked foods to prevent cross-contamination of food.

4. Tip: 4 - Watch the Temperature

Tip: 4 - Watch the Temperature
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Cook foods to the proper temperatures: A food thermometer is the best way to ensure your foods are cooked to a safe temperature. Checking color or texture isn’t a foolproof way to tell if your food is cooked thoroughly. Grilled chicken should be cooked to at least 165°F, burgers to at least 160°F.

5. Tip: 5 - Do Not Reuse Marinades

Tip: 5 - Do Not Reuse Marinades
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Don’t reuse marinades: After marinating meats, discard any leftover marinade to prevent raw meat juices from mixing with your cooked foods.

6. Tip: 6 - Refrigerate Foods Properly

Tip: 6 - Refrigerate Foods Properly
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Refrigerate foods promptly below 40°F: Pack food in a well-insulated boxes with ice or ice packs to keep food below the danger zone of 40°F. If driving to the picnic, keep the box in the air-conditioned portion of the car instead of the hot trunk.

7. Tip: 7 - Don’t Keep Food Above 90°F

Tip: 7 - Don’t Keep Food Above 90°F
Don’t keep food above 90°F: Once outside, don’t leave food in hot weather (over 90°F) for more than an hour. Toss out any unrefrigerated food if it exceeds the time limit.

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